Elizabeth Starr
Hey Elizabeth , you are beyond beautiful and I would love to see you in person even for a short period of time :) are you ever coming to NYC between oct and dec 2013?

Hi Sweetie :) Yes, I plan on visiting NYC late Oct, early Nov :)

First, as one who lived nearly his entire life "fulfilling the expectations of others", it breaks my heart to think you would consider yourself diminished even one whit because of the loss, however violent, of your 'muse'. I have been a peripheral fan of yours since I found the power of porn, and can say unequivocally that you, Elizabeth Starr, are one of the most powerful, hypnotic, and dynamic women on the planet, and while inspiration may come from anywhere, it was ALWAYS you on the screen

Thank you for keeping my spirits up :) You sound like a wonderful person as well. xx Eliz

Life….Imagine living in a race car speeding at 140+ for 20 years then u hit a brick wall…

For the 1st time in my life I’m alone and watching the dust settle. Some people say it’s great to be alone; I find it quite lonely to tell the truth. I’ve always had a ‘muse’ in my life to help me find my inner creativity and I seem to be able to write and make movies. My friends around me tell me I can “do it” alone and I have the strength to shoot another great movie again. I sit and think; “What if that part of me is gone”? Do people change so much after they experience a series of traumatic events in their lives, when the smoke clears they are different people? That’s what I’m afraid of….have I lost myself so deeply that the creative Elizabeth Starr is gone forever? I’m waiting for her to come back. I kinda miss her but can’t seem to find her number. If I could call her and tell her to come back to me, I would.

Off to Florida today…It will be nice to meet some of you there :)

Sorry I’ve been so quiet the last few weeks. I’ve been suffering from Anxiety and depression over my X, my career and business. I hope to start shooting again soon :) xx E

Just Updated my Members Area again :) 1998 Nugget Flashback Photo Set of me (Elizabeth Starr) &…

a Hot XXX 3-some video clip I shot of Dino Bravo, Cala Craves & Tommy Gunn. I also posted hot photos of myself a couple weeks back…check it out at: www.starrproductions.biz

What I got for my birthday…A nasty Email from my X-Tommy Gunn…A warning from his other X…

Telling me that he & his GF will be doing yet another radio/web show talking shit about me once again. I’m just done with the media…I wish they would leave me alone. How can T’s GF keep talking about me (someone she does not know)? It’s a sick obsession I suppose; I wish these people would get a life other than trying to ruin mine. Now I know why people go “postal” or 5150…Anyway, through the last 6 months I haven’t mentioned my X or his NEW GF on ANY radio show I have been on…& EVERY show they do is about ME…Is this for ratings? I wish they would just go on with their happy un-fulfilling lives. That’s my birthday wish :)

What’s NEW with me…

I’ve been traveling often, sorry I don’t post on Tumblr much anymore; I’ve mostly been posting on Twitter. I’ll try to remember to Blog, LOL. I hope everyone is doing well? Thanks for all of the support and great emails I get telling me to hold my head high. After my parents dying, my career and business moving slowly and my ex husband betraying me and trying to turn his Girlfriend into me (which is creepy)….I’ve had to battle a lot of depression. I will start to shoot again both for my company and for others. I’ve been waiting on shooting new photos for a zed card to obtain an agent for mainstream projects and an adult agent as well. I hope to finish that by October…So hopefully you will see NEW content and videos of me soon. As far as The Blonde Squad film, not quite sure when that will be released? It’s not my project…I was just a hired actress. I’ll keep you posted though. As far as dating I might as well be a Troll with leprosy because guys stay miles away from me or can’t be seen with me, lol again. Being a Porn Star isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, when you’re on the market. I just got confirmation that I will be co-hosting the Porn Star Bowling event in Sept along side of my friend Joe Chorizo of the Chorizo Brothers, I will post info on that event and where to buy tickets soon. It was great shooting with Ginger Lynn….SHE is a great girl and we both couldn’t understand why it took 20 years to cross paths.? At the moment I’m in San Francisco and will go to a Burlesque show tonight…hope to enjoy it. I will be in Detroit next week….hope to see some of you there :) What’s next? A trip to Hawaii and New York with my gal pal Eva Notty. I will also be updating my members area in the next day or so…look on my Google calendar for what’s posting. I pretty much post something NEW every week….even though I forget to mention it here….bad Liz. Have a great Sunday xxoo E

NEW Website Update of Sexy Karen Fisher & Other sets posted at Starr Productions!

Two Hot NEW updates at Starr Productions!

Very proud of myself lol; updated my members area: www.starrproductions.biz with photos I shot of Eva Notty & a video clip I posted of Cassandra Calogera, Nikki Sexx & yes, Tommy Gunn. (Thought I’d mention his name since he was nice and promoted my site:) ALSO-I updated the NEWS pages in the members area AND I will POST a new xxx set of myself JULY 4th (The one I was suppose too a couple weeks back). Chelsea, my dog is doing well and gets released from the animal hospital tonight! TY for all your prayers and help. It’s nice I didn’t loose her since I’ve lost so many and so much this year. xxoo Eliz

Do you have porn movies to view?

Hi! You can SEE all 400+ movies I own, shot, directed, wrote & am in at: http://www.starrproductions.biz/store/catalog/index.html